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STATUS 5 SoftLock

STATUS 5 SoftLock

Eclipse Scientific Products

  • $8,300.00

STATUS 5 measures the reliability of an inspection system to detect specified flaw sizes based on statistical analysis of imported data. The user-friendly software is an essential NDT tool for generating Probability of Detection (POD) curves, optimization plots and summary tables, tailored for technicians with a limited knowledge of statistics.

Driven by an intuitive user-friendly interface, Status 5 instantly generates visualized data as POD curves using the statistical analysis methods of â vs. a, Logit, Probit, LogLog, CLogLog and Nordtest Models.

The SoftLock license uses a serial number to activate ESSTATUS 5 on a computer.  If you want to use the license on another computer, you must first deactivate the software on the current computer before you can reactivate it on another machine.

This option is best for users that do not need to run a single license on multiple machines and is most cost effective.  The SoftLock version is available for download immediately after purchase.

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